ACC Services

I have provided ACC assessment and treatment services to both sensitive claims and physical injury clients for 8 years. All services provided to ACC clients are fully funded by ACC, no surcharges. 

Sensitive Claims Clients:

I am an approved Supplier and Provider for the new ACC Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims (ISSC) service. This means that in my practice I can offer services from the outset of the claims process for all adult and older adolescent clients directly and without need for a referral. Clients thinking about initiating a ACC sensitive claim or proceeding with an existing sensitive claim could receive a complete, continuous and uninterrupted supported assessment and treatment service from the first appointment. This includes initial support sessions to talk about whether you wanted to proceed with a sensitive claim or at a later stage. If you prefer to speak to a female therapist from the outset or later in the process, that is no problem. Let me know and I can refer you to one of five experienced female psychologist ACC Providers working with me who can provide ISSC services. When ready to consider an ISSC claim or wanting to proceed with an existing claim you are welcome to email me or give me a call and I can assist you further.  Geographical areas covered as a Supplier and by my associated Named Providers are North Shore City, Auckland City and Waitakere City.

Physical Injury Clients:

All adult ACC physical injury claimants with any psychological issues (mental injury such as PTSD, depression or adjustment difficulties) linked to their physical injury are welcome. Please note referral from an ACC case manager for psychological assessment or treatment services is required. I see ACC clients at my North Shore rooms and also travel to see clients in Northland.